About Me.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Stacy Williamson and I am a 30 year old Book Worm – no wait, Book Dragon!

I have loved reading for as long as I can remember but only in the last year have I decided to do more with it.

I am a huge Disney and Harry Potter fan (I am totally a Hufflepuff!) and I love a good board game – especially Cluedo!

I have 3 beautiful fur babies: Blossom (a magical white rabbit), Daisy (a cuddly black rabbit) and Bilbo (a mischievous ginger and white kitty cat).

I love my family and I have the best partner, who loves Disney just as much as I do – winner!

me and mike

I am here to read books and give my reviews on them, look for and give out recommendations, and along the way I will be starting on my ultimate goal – opening and owning my own Book Shop.

I currently work full time, so I am using blogging as the beginning to my journey and I will be documenting each step of the way.

Please come and join me on my journey. There will be books, reviews, music and food – but I do recommend you bring your own snacks – but I would love to see you come along.

Thanks for reading! ❤️📖☕️

me and mickey

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